Menjamu CS Bule yang Hobi Gratisan


Dulu, ketika tinggal di Surabaya, saya tak begitu rewel terhadap kawan-kawan couchsurfing (CS) yang menginap. Saya tinggal di rumah ibu yang rajin memasak. Setiap hari dengan senang hati ibu akan menyediakan makanan buat kawan CS, entah nasi goreng, atau sayur berlauk tahu tempe. Istilah mereka makanan rumahan. Entah karena referensi dari kawan-kawan CS ini, atau karena saya kini tinggal di Bali, nyaris setiap hari saya mendapat email berisi permohonan kawan-kawan CS untuk menginap.

Isi email ini bermacam-macam, mulai permohonan menginap gratis selama beberapa hari sambil merasakan makanan rumahan, hingga permintaan diantar keliling Bali. Hahaha.. jadi saya mirip pemandu wisata, tukang ojek, rumah tumpangan, dan apalah namanya. Hanya serba gratis. Saya tak keberatan jika tinggal di rumah sendiri, memiliki mobil-motor lengkap, sekaligus sedang liburan saat diminta mengantar jalan-jalan. Masalahnya saya tinggal di rumah kawan, sedang menyusun buku sambil berkebun, dan tak ada ibu yang dengan senang hati memasakkan makanan.

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One thought on “Menjamu CS Bule yang Hobi Gratisan

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  1. What a great surprise finding a nice article all about you and your girlfriend (with on top a picture taken while laughing together with the person who has written this mean article), that describes you as a racist evil exploiter of South East Asia, circulating on the web!
    We really feel like Ary did not understand anything about us, as all of the things written have been completely misinterpreted.
    I would like to follow up this article point after point, so people can know the truth about what we think and what really happened.
    I saw Ary’s profile while looking for a local host in Surabaya. As we liked her profile and she was not there but in Bali, we were happy to go and meet her there and helping her in doing some gardening. No where on her profile or in our conversations the 3 hours of volunteering where mentioned, back then. She states in this article she added this rule right after we left. After a few days, she was not going to the garden in the afternoon too, and we were feeling like working on it was not worth it, as if she did not care that much, why should have we cared?
    Does anyone find it strange that we took a motorbike to visit the nearby beautiful places?
    I do not know if you guys hang around with some “bules”, but it is common for us to be constantly ripped off and asked 4 times the local price for everything. If we had to travel at this cost, we would have been most probably back home by now. We are OK in giving a bit more than the local price, normally(even though I am sure that if any Indonesian went to a poorer country and would have been asked to pay twice the local price he would not be definitely happy about it), but we do not like when people just take advantage of the situation. When I pay for a watermelon more than what I would have paid home, then I need to get worried, as we are not walking money as Ary may think, and we saved our money in order to be able to travel in a cheap and humble way, for several months.
    I’m also impressed about how annoyed she is about this, as she was the one who offered to accompany us to the market to get the local price.
    Please note we have spoken to many tourists and many of them were really angry and not keen on coming back to Indonesia because they felt too frustrated with all the bargaining and the people cheating all the time.
    We still loved travelling in your Country and we don’t understand why admitting that it is not as developed as Western countries in many things, is a taboo to say. There are MILLIONS of things not working in Western countries as well. Why do not just say things as they are?
    When we stayed in Mendjangan, we did not stay in the resort, of course, as we would have never been able to afford it. The bill only included the food, which we were eating at the resort with our couchsurfer, only because he was working there and we felt like doing this. We spent A LOT of money there, in fact we leaved immediately after a few days, as we felt sorry not being able to “contribute” to their business.
    Spending 100/150k a night for a place to sleep is not a big deal for us, but we are genuinely looking for a local experience, this is why we are doing CS. We hosted a lot of people while we were in Ireland ourselves, and we were feeding also these people sometimes, without requiring them to do something for us!
    Ary says we did not give nothing back: first of all, we were volunteering in the owner’s garden. Never took anything from the garden apart from salad, although she said we could have done so. We did not want to disturb in the Restaurant’s kitchen that much, so we only cooked once. A few times we cut our own vegetables in their kitchen (maybe 3 times in 4 days? And once in the morning we tried to make our own juice with our own fruit). We always offered what we have prepared to her and to whoever was working and living there, but no one wanted it anyway. Ary was always eating on her own. Luckily the staff in the kitchen was very friendly, saying things like “we are all siblings in this place!”. Chiara had a coffee once and we also enjoyed some leftovers after a big meeting the owner hosted, and only because they invited us to eat the stuff.
    We have been given the permission to use the washing machine, which was great and we were really grateful for. We used it once as we did not have laundry liquid, Ary has kindly borrowed us hers, which then I repaid for buying some scissors she needed for the garden.
    Unfortunately it really looks like she has misunderstood most of our discussions and did not get when we were being sarcastic.
    As for the police and the bules, just so you know, I’ve read many blogs before renting a motorbike, and all of the bules that have been stopped by the police with no driving license, had only to pay some money, as they are corrupted, and there is nothing wrong in admitting so. And this is not only in South East Asia, of course.
    I do not understand when we misbehaved and did not show enough respect for any of the members of the place.
    Last thing: we are indeed interested in Fair-trade and would love to get to know about it in every single Country we’ll be travelling to: do you expect us to learn all the languages they speak in South East Asia or even further? Have you ever heard of “interpreters”? Well, that’s what they are specialized in: translating. I suggest you to find one if you are in doubt with some sentences of this response, as we do not really want to see another article full of lies circulating the web, related to us.
    We are happy to have met lots of great Indonesians who luckily do not have the same opinion about us, and everyone can see that on our references on CS (Ary has left a positive one without mentioning anything of the stuff in the article, by the way. Not even while we were there, we were aware about this). We loved travelling in your Country and appreciated so much people who were honest with us.
    By the way, if any person from CS ever comes to Europe from Indonesia, you are most welcome to stay at our place. No need to volunteer, no need to pay for any food, you can use the kitchen as much as you like and not give anything back.. I promise we will not write anything bad about you, because we will understand you are there to travel and share your culture with us!

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